The HOMORESPONSABILIS game takes over Bulgaria

Active pedagogy for future responsible entrepreneurs in Bulgaria. This is one way of describing the latest initiative by TIME Foundation and partners from Poland, Belgium and Austria.
Throughout 2013 TIME Foundations’ experts worked hard to adapt and test the interactive game “Homo Responsabilis”. Initially developed by Belgian partner Groupe One, the game presents to the players the foundations of sustainable development and responsible entrepreneurship. Teams of players interact in a business simulation environment, where they reenact the global trade of sugar cane or wooden tables. In the process, they encounter and manage various real-life issues and problems, such as labor conditions, strikes, ethics, environmental liability, legal and illegal business transactions, etc.

The “Homo Responsabilis” ambassadors
In September 2013, a pilot group of 13 teachers and experts from the non-formal education sector, were trained to use the game. These are the Homo Responsabilis ambassadors in Bulgaria. With their help the game has reached student groups in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Vidin, Veliko Tarnovo, and Kyustendil.

And it has only just begun…

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