The consortium consists of 4 organisations from 4 EU countries: Group One from Belgium (owner of the transferred tool), 2 organisations from new EU countries: University of Łódź, Faculty of Management (Poland), TIME-Ecoprojects Foundation (Bulgaria) and BEST (Austria). This is a kind of coalition of NGOs and private enterprise but lead by the university staff that is also strongly rooted in NGO sector in Poland.

Uniwersytet Łódzki, Poland
University of Lodz is one of the largest Polish universities located in central Poland, with more than 40,000 students and almost 4,000 personnel in 12 faculties and some interdisciplinary units. ULO activities focus not only on higher education. The concept of lifelong learning has important place in our institution’s mission. We address our educational offer according to demands of a society as a whole by establishing new forms of passing knowledge and targeting all age and sectorial groups. So far our experiences concerning becoming continuing learning centre include i.e.: Third Age University, Management Centre, Secondary School, Language Learning Center, Professional Counseling Office and the Unit of New Media and Distance Learning. The Faculty of Educational Science focuses on the process of educating children and adults at all levels of education, as well as on the conditions, disturbances and results of the process of education.

Groupe One, Belgium
“Groupe One” is a nonprofit organization, a center of excellence on sustainable development at regional, national and international levels. It was founded in 1997 by a group of economists, experimented in international cooperation, who wanted to contribute to a global economy that is more respectful of human rights and the principles of sustainable development. Its domain of activities is mainly corporate social responsibility – CSR (promoting the adoption by companies of integrating sustainable development strategies through the provision of training, information and advices), economy and social domain (contributing to the economic development of disadvantaged areas through economic revitalization initiatives and decision-support policy). The organization also has extensive experience in seminars or conferences preparation, publication and training, consulting, decision support policy, etc.

TIME-Ekoprojects Foundation, Bulgaria
TIME Foundation is a small NGO working since 1994 to promote sustainable development, efficient management and use of natural resources by means of coordinating the efforts of all public sectors and fostering democratic decision-making. The scope of work includes dissemination of information and know-how, environmental management, education for sustainable development and CSR for various target groups, training and vocational education, introduction of innovative tools for SMEs, supporting community initiatives, fundraising, etc. In 2011, TIME Foundation became the first organization in Bulgaria to obtain EMAS registration.

BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH, Austria
BEST was founded in 1987 as an independent vocational qualification institute. Its main activities comprise adult education, vocational qualification, guidance of unemployed people and training of key qualifications for re-integration into the labour market. The institute offers training facilities for up to 10.000 students per year. The training methods for different target groups include own pedagogic and didactic methods, especially for integration and motivation, as well as e-Learning based trainings which are constantly being updated. As one of the first training institutes in Austria, BEST has become a certified Eco-C-centre (European Communication Certificate) and provides respective trainings and tests. Within its International Projects Department, BEST shows long experience of cooperation more than 60 European projects, both as coordinator and partner. The institute is focused on exchange of experience and practice, as well as joint development with European partners.