Primacy of Politics over Economy

Despite the length of time it has been discussed as an issue and despite being approached from various (and numerous) angels, sustainability remains a debate filled with controversies, also seen in Austria’s The Standard, 13th October 2013, page 19.

As soon as an attempt is made to make it more concrete and more factual by, for instance, creating a Sustainability Strategy which would be applicable across the country, conflicts arise almost immediately, bringing with it the debate which discusses whether its application would be ‘voluntary’ or ‘legally enforceable’.

A form of legal regulation is most certainly not desired on behalf of those it is to address: the businesses. Here, good examples to be followed would rather be the ones put forward in Denmark and Germany where specific advantages are offered to those placing sustainability at the fore. Another powerful leverage factor would also be offered to those businesses wishing to serve as sustainability innovators within the industry.

Finally, there are numerous initiatives in this area within the EU that a new and joint approach applicable across the EU would not go amiss. However, answers to this suggestion are at the ready: ‘One size does not fit all.’ Hence, applying a game-based approach with young ones can help to pace-up a bottom-up process, we hope.

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