„Homoresponsabilis in the globalized World” is Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project (2011-1-PL1-LEO05-19895).
Our project deals with such issues as corporate social resonsibility, global education, north-south trade relations, responsibility of managers and ethical aspects of decision making process. Within the project Homoresponsabilis in the Globalized World we intend to transfer a successful simulation game developed by Groupe One (Belgium) which is one of the core partner in the Project. The transfer will be done to Poland, Bulgaria and Austria (the respective parters are: University of Łódź (coordinator), TIME-Ekoprojects Foundation and BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH) (see section: Partners).

Partner language versions of the site:

At a time when new members of Europe begin an accelerated process of development, it is important to help educating a significant part of their future leaders to development ideas and policies taking into account current needs, challenges and trends (see section: Background). It is also important to allow today’s students of vocational schools to acquire another approach to development, to analyze their curriculum through prisms of thought resolutely turned towards a more equitable, effective, respectful of people and their environment development model, and thereby ensuring the longevity of their relationships with their partners. Our project is targeting to the students of below tertiary level because they will be important group of future owners and managers of SMEs (as statistics shows).
The importance of the project lies also in the form of transferred tool. Many of crucial subjects for today’s world are thought in less attractive way (lectures and presentations ex-cathedra). The simulation game can enrich the global and development education and enhance the pedagogic repertoire of trainers and teachers. It is important also that this game is not ‘IT based game’ because the stress is put on direct interactions between participants and experiencing real-life relation (see section: The Game).